Meant to Wander


Out of the box vs 1400 miles on the AT

Very ready to begin hiking again. I’m feeling antsy and contained. People weren’t meant to be caged up in one place their whole lives working away doing the same thing for decades at a time. Perhaps staying in one place will make you comfortable and feed you, but this existence does not feed the soul. We are wanderers, explorers, adventurers. Its the discovery of new, unexpected and marvelous things in nature that feed my desire. I doubt many people lay on their death bed and regret that they didn’t work more during their lives. They wish they did the things they never had time for. Well in my fleeting existence I plan on making time for the things I want to do. I very much doubt an 80 year old, dying Matt Berger will regret choosing this 2650 mile adventure through dry deserts, high alpine mountains, rain forest and everywhere in between over working a little bit more in the prime of his life. I can work when I’m older, I wont be able to climb mountains for half a year (or at least not easily!)

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