Everyone dies. Not everyone lives.

So I’m sitting here in the Denver airport for my 6 hour layover before flying to San Diego, which gives me time to think, and worry and be beyond excited and hopeful. Worried and nervous because I won’t be with anyone I know, hopeful because I know I will meet awesome people and make new friends and excited because this time tomorrow I will be hiking my first 20 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail!


I can see the Rocky Mountains from the airport and that is getting me pumped for my mountain adventure!

One thought on “Everyone dies. Not everyone lives.”

  1. Matt
    I’ve watched over you and guided you all your life, but I’m not sure when or where your roads diverged. Perhaps in the deep of a quiet Yellow Wood, on top of Half Dome, the side of a glacier in Alaska, a sailboat in the Keys or the creek at Redbird Hollow. But you are on the road less traveled by. Perhaps you’ve always been. I hope for you it continues to make all the difference.

    Keep your socks clean!

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