The first week!

This first week has flown by. I’ve learned a bunch of lessons the hard way but seem to have adapted enough to make it through the desert. First off, my boots that were awesome on the Appalachian Trail, are bad on the PCT. Your feet swell in the heat and I slammed my toenails into their beds enough on the first day that both the big toenails have died and turned purple. So I got some new Cascadia trail runners at the kick off.
The second day out here it rained, sleeted and snowed. Then the next couple days were relentless heat and sun like I’ve never experienced before. It was only around 90 most days but just no escaping the sun. There are no plants or rocks taller than you so in the heat of the day there is no shade to hide in. I overheated the fourth day and luckily a girl named Birdie had a sun umbrella she didn’t want and have it to me. Then a guy with two pairs of sunglasses gave me one. And I found a pink bandana which I wet and put on my head.
The next day we ate a ton at warner springs and then hiked out in the heat. I’ve been waking with Dust since day 2 and he was telling me how your body can’t digest food and cool off at the same time in the heat. I had awful indigestion and kept gagging up cheeseburgers and water. Finally rested a few hours and felt better.
Then yesterday we were walking by 5:37 a.m. and did 18 miles by 11:30. Then pushed the final 31.1 by 4:45 but I hardly ate all day and had low sugar problems for the first time. I tried avoiding the indigestion problem by not eating much but then I almost passed out. I gobbled down some energy chews that Dust gave me and felt better after a few minutes.
Resting in Idllywild today and hitching around the burn closure tomorrow!






One thought on “The first week!”

  1. Congratulations on surviving and thriving in your first week. Thanks for the pictures. Look forward to hearing more about your PCT adventures. Be safe. Love Dan & Debra.

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