Flax and chia!

I love learning about where plants we all know come from. The arid region of Southern California is home to some native edible plants that we often see in stores. Two plants that are common during the first 300 miles are flax and chia. Especially chia. You can find tons of it growing on dry hillsides along the trail. The species of chia around here is Salvia columbariae. Chia seeds are simply seeds from a species of salvia which are all in the mint family.
The flax found around here is Linum perenne. It’s not the same species as the one who’s seeds you buy in the store but are very similar. It’s also the source of linen fibers for cloth.



3 thoughts on “Flax and chia!”

  1. I love little flax flowers..So pretty! I have begun putting chia seeds in my cereal, because I have read that they are really good for us. Great photos!

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