Death From Above

There is a pretty short list of things that fall from the sky and can kill you. Meteorites, tree limbs, perhaps coconuts? Nothing the average person ever needs to worry about, but on the PCT there is a curious new threat. Enter a one Coulter Pine. At first glance it looks like any other pine tree.


Not as tall, large, or handsome as it’s neighboring Ponderosa Pines but, like Ron Jeremy, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in reproductive prowess. It is the owner of the most massive pine cones in the world. Sugar Pine has longer cones but the Coulter Pine’s cones can weigh up to 10 lbs. Imagine a 10 lbs chunk of wood falling from 80 feet onto your head. Oh and did I mention that they are jagged and sharp as all hell? Because the are.


The chance of one if these falling on your head as you walk under them is pretty slim however, I wouldn’t lose sleep over them. Look for them in the higher elevations near deep creek and around mile 400!


5 thoughts on “Death From Above”

  1. Love all your information about the flora and fauna. Too bad these cones aren’t edible – you wouldn’t have to pack as much food!

  2. You r doing such a great job wt this blog. I look forward to reading what ur coming across out there! My Matt says ur so cool! I miss u. Office is real busy wt the two new hires. Stay in touch.

  3. We learned about them when we moved to Forest Falls, CA. We had some trees that produced them and most likely could do some major damage. That is a huge one.. Take care!

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