Cacti Flowers

Now that we’re out of the desert and in the Sierra Nevada range I doubt I’ll come across any more cacti. So here’s a brief overview of some of the more beautiful cacti groups!
The prickly pears. A classic cactus shape that is immediately familiar to all.


Then the related but in my opinion much more beautiful beavertail cactus that is found throughout all of the desert section of the PCT.



Then there are the Chollas. A group of branching cacti that are formidable obstacles near the trail!



Then there is the barrel cactus! It’s only found abundantly near scissors crossing and then occasionally for the next hundred miles or so. They are big fat cacti up to 6 feet tall!



Then there is the beautiful hedgehog cactus which is also common around scissors crossing!


And finally the beautiful claret cup cactus. Uncommon along the PCT but can be found near Big Bear and Mission Creek.


2 thoughts on “Cacti Flowers”

  1. Thanks for the post, hopefully the journey is going well for you. I am enjoying the plant posts a chance to refresh and learn new things from someone on the trail. I start my own section hike next week so stumbled across your blog doing research and now am looking forward to watching for your posts as you head north to Canada.

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