This Southwest Ain’t That Southwest

The southwestern Ohio winter… Cold, moist, gray. Three words pretty much sum it up. I’m getting another round of thru hiker depression, though not as bad as it was right after I finished the trail in August. I miss the warm weather. I love the heat and dryness. I can’t stand being cold and wet as my fellow hikers could remind you of the days before we arrived in Stehekin, Washinton. There is really nothing to do in Ohio in the winter. It’s flat and it rarely snows more than a few inches so there are no winter sports opportunities. The sun is not out very often and the ground is always soggy making for nasty hikes in the woods if you do decide to venture out.
The days do seem to be flying by however. It seems like it’s always almost the weekend. I only work about 20 hours a week so I have some free time but I don’t know what to do with it. Honestly I just want it to be March right now. I’m so excited to hike. I have dreams about the trail. I see places I’ve never been to. It’s funny because I remember the exact same thing happening before my PCT hike. For example. Having read about Kennedy Meadows in “Wild” and the PCT guide books I imagined a cabin like building under tall pine trees with RV campers and campsites near the building and a cold mountain stream running some 30 feet from the store. But then when you actually arrive at this previously only imagined place it’s neat to see how different it is and then you start thinking about how you mind creates a unique imagery for a place that was described in a few sentences. I can’t wait to see how different and wonderful Arizona actually is.