Getting There is Tough

Woke up today at 7:30 and it was 1 degree out. At least it’s sunny! Took off for the airport and continued desperately tried finding a ride to the southern terminus. I tried all the southern passage stewards with no luck but did learn a lot of useful info from them (thanks AZT trail stewards!) finally after about 25 failed contacts I reserved a pick up from Arizona sunshine tours. They will come pick us up at 6 A.M. from a hotel, walking distance from the Tucson airport, then drive us to the Coronado national monument visitor center just a few miles from the Mexican border for $75 each. More than I was hoping but hey, they come right to us and take us very close to a place that’s pretty far from anything.

Met up with my friend Bill Fuckin Murray during my layover in the Atlanta airport.  Sleeping in the airport tonight. Tomorrow the journey begins!


5 thoughts on “Getting There is Tough”

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what/where is the AZT? It sound arid. I’ll bet you’re unlikely find any fungi :-/
    I hiked when I was younger , before I had Twinkle (& his 3 siblings). My trail name is Pigpen. I’m looking forward to reading your new adventure. Bill Murray? How cool is that?! A few years back, my spouse & I spent 3 weeks inSanta Fe. We loved it there; there’s something special about the desert that appeals to me. Good luck, Sheriff Woody! And that’s one cool girlfriend you have!

    1. Hey sue! The AZT is an 800 mile trail from the Mexican border to the Utah border in Arizona. Probably not much fungi, but plenty of reptiles and insects to keep me busy!

      1. …….and scorpions, red ants…venomous snakes. Oh my! But I’d do it in a second too. I’ve followed Notachance’s blog thru the Te Aurora in NZ. I was a bit underwhelmed, as I’ve heard it’s one of the best in the world. I’ll be very interested in your trek. I’m planning to do the Superior trail summer 2016. I’ve got to start somewhere! May the trail angels guide you!

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