Day 2. The Arizona Weather is Confused.


Mile 11 to mile 37. 26 mile day. Our first marathon! 

Woke up at 6:20 after some reasonably good sleep. 12 hours of off and on sleep only bothered by the fact that so much condensation has formed in my tarp that it actually rained ice cold water all over my bag and my face for much of the night causing me to get just a little clammy. Finally this stopped right before sunrise because all the condensation froze to the top of my tarp. It got pretty cold!

With hands freezing we packed up or ice laden shelters and got walking just before the sun rose over some distant mountains. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the air was crisp and clean with the smell of pine! 
The walk down from the miller peak area was very steep and finally gave way to some nice ponderosa pine forest and then down farther along a flowing creek that was lined with sycamores! Still saw some immigrant trash every now and then, a milk jug here, some candy spelled in Spanish over there. 

We were spooked when two quail or pheasants exploded into flight some 15 feet in front of us. It’s crazy how loud a bird can flap its wings. Before you can even register what just occurred, they’re long gone. Also saw a lot of cows around! 
We ate lunch near another creek and dried out gear out from the moisture last night. Then out of nowhere it got really windy and cloudy. A few minutes later it was raining. Not hard but annoying. Then it stopped for about a half hour and then it really started raining for about 20 minutes and then it was back to warm and sunny. Throughout the day it was on and off sprinkles and sun. 

Drying the condensation at lunch.

Most of the trail today was a beautiful open savannah. Grassland with trees spaced out from one another, none more than 20 feet tall. Water sources more numerous than in the data book. Lots of containers of water for cows, and every creek was flowing. 


All listed water sources are flowing and full! 

Set up camp around mile 37 and watched the sun go down. Body feeling pretty good, not one blister and just the usual sore feet after a long day. Patagonia tomorrow! Our first trail town! Here’s our campsite! 

4 thoughts on “Day 2. The Arizona Weather is Confused.”

  1. Beautiful pictures. I know Twinkle and his family in Michigan. Seen him at Christmas at his parent’s home and he shared stories of the PCT.

  2. I’m starting an AZT thru hike in a week. It’s so helpful to hear about water and just general trail conditions. Thanks
    – Mr. Furious

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