Day 3. Patagonia. 


Mile 37 to mile 58. 21 miles and a siesta in Patagonia!
Woke up again at 6:20 and hit the trail  at sunrise. Heard a poor will singing in the evening and then a pack of coyotes howling around 5 am. Went below freezing again, as there was more frozen condensation.

The morning walk was beautiful looking out over grasslands with red rock formations in the background. Right before we started our 3 mile road walk into Patagonia we ran into a lady with her dog who seemed very unnerved by all the “illegals” and in her strong Boston accent told us not to go by the parking lot because there was a man waiting in a van who she suspected of being up to “nefarious activities.” She also said she saw an illegal jump out of the woods the other day dressed in feminine clothing and that this wasn’t “congruent.” She gave us a good laugh.
Patagonia is a beautiful little old western style town with two roads that all the restraints, library and other stores are on all in rows. We ate at the wagon wheel for lunch. They had some serious sized burgers and they were good! Nicely priced too.
In town we ran into our first other AZT thru hikers! Olive oil, Salsa, Twix and then a guy who’s name we didn’t catch. I’d like to hike with them a bit! They all seem like a fun crowd.
Then in a food induced sickness I hiker hobbled to the library to charge stuff and get on the interwebs. After a few hours we hit up the few grocery stores for a resupply and I found some lemons that were free to a good home. Clearly from a locals tree. 

We headed out of town for a mile or so before we realized we went the wrong way so we had to backtrack a mile and then found the road we were supposed to be on. After 5 miles on the road it got dark so we set up camp. I ate an avocado, some cereal and a lemon for dinner. I’ll tell you what, that lemon was one of the tastiest hiker foods I’ve had. Cowboy camping tonight! Laying out looking at the stars currently. Saw two great shooting stars already. Amazing to think that less than 150 years ago every person on the earth had this view every clear night. Bet our ancestors took it for granted.

2 thoughts on “Day 3. Patagonia. ”

  1. Welcome to my beautiful home state! Glad you’ve made it down to warmer climates. Glad you bumped into Twix and Salsa – I’ve been following them too over on trail journals. Does Bill Murray have a blog or journal?

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