Day 4. Chillaxin


Mile 58 to 74. 14 miles.
We woke up again to frost on our bags and backpacks. Headed out back on to the long road walk up toward Mt. Wrightson. It’s been about a 15 mile road walk since leaving Patagonia, but it’s a very rough road and it is scenic beyond all word. Worth it and it’s easy miles.
We saw a couple of horses chillen in the area munching on grass as they do. 

Then we ran into Twix, Salsa, Olive Oil and Sweet Tooth, the guy whose name we had missed. They are a nice crew so we decided to tag along with them for the day. Telling each other crazy hiking stories and laughing. Most of them did the AT in 2013.
Twix and me investigated this mine until a huge swarm of buzzing creatures came pouring out and startled the hell out of us. I though it was a killer bee best and I think Twix was startled because I was startled. Good times.

Sweetooth gave me a protein bar made from ground up crickets and it was delicious! Looked and tastesd like a cosmic brownie.

As it got pretty hot today I broke out my american flag running shorts for the first time. I’ll tell you what, they are mad comfortable. Breezes where you want breezes. 

I bumped into a cholla a few days ago taking a picture of it and now see that a bunch of the pricks are now infected a little. Luckily Bill Muarry had some antibiotic cream so it should get better.
It was a very steep and hot final mile to the top of the saddle of Mt. Wrightson and I saw a roadrunner on the way up! My endorphins were pumping and I was feeling really good. Made it up the mountain very quickly, giving a shout of enjoyment near the top! These are the feelings thru hiking is about. Your body crushing this mountain and you loving it.
I waited up at the top for the rest of the group and nibbled on food as they showed up. We all hung out up there for about an hour. Been a real nice relaxing day compared to our previous days. It’s nice to hang out with fellow hikers and let your body rest.
We then went down steeply and got water from the stream just past bear spring. A crystal clear cold mountain stream full of water boatman, diving beetles and whirligig beetles. I love watching the whirligigs just hanging out in groups swirling around occasionally diving down and then popping back up with their friends.

We then hiked a few miles of completely flat warm desert fringe with cacti growing on all the exposed rocks and yucca on the hillsides but still dominated by oaks.
We finally decided to call it an early night at a real campsite along a nice cold stream. Cowboy camping again tonight. Hoping for a little less cold. I love the heat and the sun.

2 thoughts on “Day 4. Chillaxin”

  1. Thanks for the great daily posts, They are very interesting and enjoyable to read. I know it takes time to write each day, but for us arm chair backpackers, it makes our day. The pictures are great too. I recently read about the bars made from Cricket flour and it was nice to get your take on how they taste. Have a safe hike and keep up the great posts.

    From a 67 year old still working and hoping to retire someday and to still be healthy enough to go backpacking.

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