Day 9. On my own!

Mile 173 to 179 + 3 miles up Sabino Canyon. 9 miles. 
Woke up to Sagan leaping on me wanting to be pet around 6 am. Todd made some coffee and Irish oats with figs and agave nectar. So freaking good and filling. 

Todd offered to take me back up the terrible Redington pass road but I didn’t want to make him take his truck up there again. I’m not kidding, it is a BEAT road. He suggested I take the Sabino canyon route up. Its very popular with locals, especially since it’s a weekend. It’s a very scenic steep climb up to the AZT but you walk past tons of pools, waterfalls, saguaros, etc. I say sure! It skips some trail miles for sure but I am no purist. I am out here to have fun and enjoy the beauty of Arizona, if someone has a problem with that, then they can shove it. 😊
Then we went out for some supplies. When we got back I packed up my bag to get ready. I say bye to Bill Muarry as she leaves for the Tucson hostel because she needs to wait a day for her flight back home as her spring break ends.
Todd takes me towards Sabino canyon and on the way we stop at a famous Sonoran Dog restaurant. A Sonoran dog is a hotdog wrapped in bacon on a bun with mayo and mustard, with pico de gallo and onions on top. It was absolutely delicious. 
We hit the Sabino canyon area around noon and I said bye to Todd and thanked him for some of the most epic trail magic I’ve ever experienced. At the park you can either walk up a few miles of burning pavement, or for $8 take a tram up with a guided tour telling you about all the plants and animals in the area. Let’s think on that… Yea I took the tram. 

Once I hit the top of the tram ride I was the only one of 40 or so people who took the tram who actually got off it. I switched into my Merica shorts which made some folks next to me snicker. Then it was climbing all day. Went up about 3500 feet or so along a stream mostly and called it a day just after Romero pass on a ledge off the trail nestled in some big rocks which block the wind. Just big enough for a cowboy camper and soft duff underneath from a tree leaning over the spot. This is a killer campsite. I am a little nervous though, first night out here all alone and cowboy camping. But it was just too good to pass up! 

nice sunset at my site!my view falling alseep

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