Day 12. The Taste of Death and a Recipe for Miles.

Mile 229 to 265. 36 miles.
Woke up a little earlier around 6 am. I actually slept really well, despite being spooked by the big critter last night. Pretty sure it was a cow. Heard a bunch of poor wills, a great horned owl and a coyote howling.
Hit the trail at 6:40 and wasn’t feeling super good. I had just that liter of dead corpse, killer bee swarming water to drink for the 7.5 miles to the cache that I really hoped had water. About 4 miles of hiking I was getting really thirsty and I had missed a cow pond that was supposedly right on trail. I sure as hell wasn’t walking back to it. I did see a mule deer in that area though, first of many probably. 
So, the liter of water I had. I filtered it with my sawyer squeeze so it should be okay! I won’t get sick, I think. But I was wary of it. Would the filter get any gross taste out? Sure no microbes would be in it but all the filthy dead smell? I’m not sure. So I drank it because I was real thirsty. I downed about third of the liter and I will not soon forget it. It was fucking bird corpse tea that had been brewing in the desert sun. It tasted like a rotting body, just as I feared. The taste stayed in my mouth too. It was REALLY bad water. The worst I’ve ever had to drink. It made my stomach turn and feel bad. I think just because of the flavor and thought of what it was I just drank, not that it was actually going to hurt me. 
So I was very reluctant to drink any more of it. I thought I could make it to the cache without drinking any. It was rough though, I was really thirsty and started getting dizzy and lightheaded by the time I got to the cache. But oh the cache was the turning point today. There was water! Good water! So I filled up my bottles and chugged a liter on site. There really was quite little public water, just a few gallons maybe. Almost all of it there had people’s names on the gallons. I also donated about a pound and a half of snacks that I had way too much of. A bunch of fruit snacks, snickers, etc. 

I don’t know what this bush is but it is one of the best smelling flowers on earth. Like Easter candy or something.Devils claw seed pod! They hook on to the legs of cattle and deer and disperse seds as they walk and it breaks down.

I also put a caffeine crystal lite in my water. Caffeine really hits me hard. I normally can’t drink it without getting jittery or anxious, but if I’m on the move, it really helps. So I look at the map and see that it’s really good terrain for cruising, it’s also really cloudy and cool. This with the caffeine, all the water I need and lots of food make for the perfect recipe for big miles.
So I cruise on out into the flat lands called the tortilla mountains, which as their name implies are about as mountainous as a tortilla. The place was almost dead flat! I was moving nearly 4 mph out there! Listening to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, MGMT, and other uppity high energy songs also kept my morale high. By noon I had already gone 16.5 miles! I though oh hell I’m going to go over 30 today fo sho. Maybe even make it to the Gila River. 

A parasitic plant in the broomrape family!

a widdle baby saguaro!this is a massive cow killer species. Almost 2 inches long!

The day went by pretty fast and around 4 pm it started raining again. I was up on an exposed ridge for a few miles and was pelted by strong winds and light rain. This lasted about 30 minutes as usual and then the sun even peaked out for just a few! Enough for me to takes some neat photos. At 5 pm I ran into my first and only human of the day. Some guy walking up the mountain with a pistol and a camo fanny pack. 

I made it to the kelvin bride over the Gila River at 6 pm. It’s also where I’m camping tonight because it was getting dark and started raining again. It’s been lightly raining for about an hour now and it’s an easy way out of it. I just hope no hoodlums come down here. 
36 miles in 11 hours and 20 minutes! That’s 3.18 mph for the whole day including breaks! You still got it Woody! Superior tomorrow night if I can pull of 30 miles tomorrow. 
Well exactly what I didn’t want to happen happened. At About 7:30 PM a car with loud music came flying on to the bridge with their brights on, parked on the bridge right over me and the people got out, yelled and started throwing shit into the river and on the ground near where I was trying to sleep. They fucked around about 5 minutes and then did a burnout on the bridge and took off. I’m just glad they didn’t come down under the bridge. I thought for sure they were. 
I said fuck this, packed up all my gear and walked back up the trail a little ways with my headlamp and set up my shelter near he trail. I saw an owl in a tree and man, do their eyes reflect light! 
I hate camping near roads or towns but I’m too tired to keep walking the trail which follows roads through town a few more miles. There is also a very active railroad by the river. Ughhh. I wish I was camping somewhere in the wild. 
It also stopped raining and it looks like it rained enough to soak the ground a bit! Should make for some increased greenery! A little silver lining to the crappy turn of events. Back to sleep for me. 

2 thoughts on “Day 12. The Taste of Death and a Recipe for Miles.”

  1. The yellow holly-looking shrub is Freemont Barberry. “Fragrant. Contains the drug berberine” an antibiotic.

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