Day 14. Zero in Superior. (Out of order. The original post for this day was messed up.)

Miles 0.
I decided that I am going to take a zero today. I am way ahead of schedule of meeting my uncle in Pine in a week. Basically 20s will get me there on time even with a zero and this is the last real town between here and Pine that I can easily get to.
I spent the morning laying bed watching family feud and other daytime television. In fact, that’s just about all I did all day. I loved it. Sometimes you just need to do nothing and enjoy it! I stuffed my face all day with delicious food. Mostly snacks but also an avocado and a Red’s wicked ale which was meh. 
John the owner of the hotel told me the library didn’t open until noon so I waited until then to walk the mile over there. When I got there it was closed! Lame hours of 12-6pm Monday to Thursday. Not useful. So I walked down main st with my phone out looking for wifi signals. Finally at the local bar there was a good signal! I walked in, got a PBR and was finally able to post my blog and Instagram. 
I did this a couple hours and then walked back to the hotel and so very enjoyed laying in a comfy bed watching bad movies like snakes on a plane and then the nightly comedy shows like South Park and family guy. 
Had an upset stomach so I took some Pepto bismol to try and calm it. Watched tv until I was too tired and went to sleep.

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