Day 21. Zero in Pine with a Surprise!

Miles 0. 
Woke up and lazed around until 11 am. Soooo nice. Watched TV about depressing plane crashes so changed it to more family feud. 
Walked over to the post office and got my packages and sorted through what I needed and what I could send back home. I also went to grocery store and bought some delicious goodies. Jealous of sluggers sandwiches a few weeks ago I bought bread, hummus and cheese with mayo and mustard. It’s gunna be grand. 
My uncle is meeting me here in Pine to so he can hike the next 10 days or so with me but his flight from Washington, DC then shuttle ride won’t get him here until after midnight. We’ve booked the Beeline Bed and Breakfast for the night. I walk over and check it out, it’s beautiful! Big king sized room, really fancy and for a good price because it’s the off season. Not sure what the on season here is but I’ll take it!  


And I’ve been sleeping in rocks

I leave my stuff in the room and head over to the library and upload some of my Canon Powershot photos to facebook. Takes a long time but I get it done! I walk back to the B&B and stuff my face with food and watch cops when I get a text from Guthrie, a good friend I made on the Pacific Crest Trail last year, he says he’s near Pine right now! I tell him to swing by and hit up THAT Brewery with me. Says he’ll be there in about a half hour! Awesome! 
Guthrie shows up in his jacked up Range Rover with a motorcycle on the back and a bed inside. He’s been exploring all the national parks and cool area in the southwest over the last few weeks and will make his way up towards Seattle over the next weeks/ months. So cool! Now that’s living my friends. As he’s clearing the front seat for me my mom calls and tells me a letter from West Virginia University arrived and it says I’ve finally been officially accepted to the graduate program I applied for! Finally!!!!! I’ll be starting May 1st! That’s so soon! I don’t have time to even think about that right now! 

 Guthrie and his happy face 

We head to the brewery and eat some appetizers and drink some good beer, chatting it up about what we’ve been up to since we last saw each other in Vancouver. It’s so good to see a friend again, it’s been pretty lonely out here the past 12 or so days! I do feel I’ve become even more confident though after hiking and camping all alone in the wilderness for days on end. I think it’s a good experience for anyone. That said I’m also excited my uncle will be out here for the next leg of the journey!
Guthrie heads out to find a forest road to camp on before its dark. It looks like I’ll probably see him again this trip as he is still adventuring the area the next few weeks. I head back to the room and write this blog. šŸ™‚ spirits very high! 

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