Day 27. Zero With a Plan.

0 miles.
I wake up at 6:30 against my will. The internal clock is now set early. We lay in bed and watch TV until breakfast is ready in the hostel lobby. We gorge on food there and come back for more TV until we have to leave at 11. 
We then pack up and head over to the Grand Canyon international hostel where Guthrie stayed and where we had a reservation for tonight, but they messed up and had us reserved for Friday night and tonight was all booked up. Whatever. We have a new plan. 

   Ponderosa pine bark. Smells delicious!
We walk to a Jack in the Box and get some cheap tasty food. Ohhh the churros. Guthrie joins us and we make a plan to camp near the San Francisco Peaks tonight and then try to summit Mt. Humphreys tomorrow. It’s an 18 mile round trip and goes up to 12,600 feet! The tallest mountain in Arizona and I think the highest peak I’ve been on since Muir Pass. 
We cram ourselves into his loaded car and drive to the trailhead area. We set up camp on a forest road and hang out all afternoon. A lost dog runs up to us and we tie him up to a tree until his owner finally showed up 10 minutes later. Cute little fella!    

Guthrie cooks some hot dogs and we fatten up for our cold climb tomorrow. We’re at about 8000 feet right now and it’s cold and windy! Hopefully the wind will calm over night. The low temperature here is supposed to be around 20 degrees. Coldest yet!  



The Guthmobile. I want one so bad. Has a solar panel on top to power a refrigerator inside, it also has a bed. It’s like a mini RV!  

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