Day 9. A True Zero. 

Miles: 0
We all seem to wake up on our own and make our way downstairs where there are ultralight sleeping pads all over the floor. When backpackers unite there is always gear talk and trail stories. I enjoy this so much. It’s like I’m really in my zone, where I know what’s going on. A bunch of us walk over to a nearby lake and play ultimate frisbee and toss a football around for an hour or so and the play sand volleyball with some other people. Volleyball is my favorite sport to play. I love launching myself and smacking balls. 

There is a horrifying mounted deer head in the house. 

In the afternoon we all pile into cars and head over to the wedding rehearsal which is also accompanied by a fantastic dinner and drinks. We gorge on tacos, cake and margaritas. I do some of my flexibility tricks for friends who remembered me doing them on the trail as a gag and a bunch of kids are fascinated and try to mimic my moves with little luck. After dinner, Chance, Bigfoot, Snorkel, John Z and I try to squeeze in a short hike in the sagebrush covered hills near Vail. We run up a steep and dusty hill until we get a view. The cool desert air and smells of sagebrush makes me extremely nostalgic for the PCT desert. I loved the desert. I loved every bit of the PCT. 

Chance enjoying a margarita

Back at the house we play some games and drink some beer until we’re too tired to do so. Things get a little wild. Chance and I watch John Z preparing his pack that Handy Andy built for a fastest known time (FKT) attempt on the Colorado Trail. He is unrolling fruit roll ups, taking the plastic off, then rerolling them and stacking them neatly in a ziplock bag. It looks like several pounds of fruit roll ups. He’s also hiking the trail unsupported, which means he is carrying with him all the food he will eat for the entire 485 mile hike, never going into towns or resupplying at all. He needs to finish the trail in under 10 days, in other words, he has to average about 50 miles a day… 
Twinkle twerkin

Not real sure what’s going on right here

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