Day 10. Twinkle and Grace’s wedding.


Miles: 0

Another morning of sleepy, hungover people wandering downstairs, except this time Nathan, one of Twinkle’s good buddies has a bag full of Mcmuffins and hash browns from McDonald’s! Good man! We eat these and lounge around. It’s fun meeting and talking to hikers you have heard about but haven’t met. It was fun to get to know Snorkel and John Z more after having heard their names in stories and YouTube videos. Then it’s back by the lake to play some more frisbee and watch Twinkle fly his drone. It is so cool to watch this little machine hover and fly around. It’s linked to his iPhone where he can snap photos and videos and see a live feed of what the drone sees. It soars into the sky and we see ourselves shrink to little specks on the screen of his phone. He’s going to have his friend video his wedding with it and another drone for some unique wedding shots. 
We carpool to the location of the wedding which is at a ranch in a national forest. The roads to get there are some very rough gravel but the journey is worth it because the location of the venue is right on a mountain lake looking out to some Rocky Mountain peaks. What a place to have a wedding. 

I fiddle around, chatting to other wedding guests as more trickle in. Soon the hors d’oeuvres are coming around. Chips and salsa galore, cookies and best of all, macaroni and cheese baked in a tiny cast iron skillet. Everyone pockets the little skillet for reasons we can’t really explain other than it being a tiny cast iron skillet. It isn’t practical to cook any amount of food except maybe one egg, it weighs almost half a pound, but we are all certain that we want this thing. 

We gathered around a viewpoint of the beautiful scenery where there were benches set for the wedding. Teresa Martinez, the Continental Divide Trail Coalition director was the MC. The vows are so sweet many people start tearing up. I hold back the tears as well. These two are clearly perfect for each other. 

The newlyweds first dance. 

As dinner starts its open bar and we indulge and feast. After dinner it’s dance time and we all are in the mood for dancing. I feel so free in my group of people. The songs switch from slow dances to Ke$ha and back. A bit of a dance off circle forms and I just have to do the leg behind the head and dance around trick. Two hiker weddings I’ve performed flexibility tricks at! I’m available people. Handy Andy is dancing with that perfect hair flipping around, Chance and John Z are hiker dancing. After an hour or two of dancing, which seems way to short because it was so fun, the party shuts down and we head back to the bachelor pad. 

Kicking myself in the head at Dirtmonger and Bearclaw’s wedding.

Leg behind the head at Twinkle’s wedding.

The hikers! From top left to right: Bigfoot, Chance, Handy Andy, Grace, Twinkle, Scudz, Dustin. Bottom left to right: Badger, John Zahorian, Guthrie, Snorkel and Sheriff Woody. 

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