Day 11. Going With the Flow.


Miles: 0
Vail to twin lakes

We all wake up around the same time and talk about who’s going where. I’m still undecided if I want to go to Utah with Handy Andy, south with Snorkel and Bigfoot or back to Golden with Chance and John Z. I also check the rideshare section of craigslist to see if I can grab a ride west to any interesting destinations like Yellowstone, Bend, Oregon, California, Idaho or wherever. All leads in this department lead to a dead end except for a guy offering to take me west through Salt Lake City but he wants to stay there a few days. I look his number up on Facebook and find him. Looks like it could be sketchy so I pass. 

I finally decided to head to Twin Lakes which was in the direction Snorkel and Bigfoot are heading and they offer me a ride. I give them my wedding clothes and my 2 lbs camera that I haven’t really used much to mail home. They drop me at the store in Twin Lakes where a bunch of other hikers are sorting through resupplies and hanging out. As I pack my food away I meet 4 girls named Mush, Rapunzle, Blistfull and Leah. We talk about how awesome the hiker box is in the convince store. I grabbed a bag of walnuts and macadamia nuts, Nutella packets, coffee packets and some high quality toilet paper. The ladies made off even better with good jerky among other goodies. They say they’re heading to a cabin they rented a few miles up the road and said you can come if you want. I figured one more day off couldn’t hurt, I’ve got time to kill and friends to make! The cabin owner shows up and we pile into the back of his pickup. A short ride up the winding mountain road and we reach the place. We’re staying in a building called the “Barn.” 

The place is amazing. The “barn” is a sweet cabin with a full kitchen, 4 beds, a futon and wifi. Outside is a hot tub, and 50 feet away is an icy mountain stream with a cobblestone beach and fantastic views. We get settled in the place and watch the hoards of hummingbirds fight over the feeders. Then we check out the stream. I hop in to get a bit of a refresher. It is freezing cold but the sun is so hot it doesn’t take long to dry and warm up. 

Not a bad view from our cabin!

Dwarf Fireweed along the icy stream

We roast some marshmallows over the stove just for fun and then have a feast of a dinner with our extra meals and some eggs and bacon the girls bought at the store. I throw in my two packs of olives and a big summer sausage. It’s a scrambled omelette, hash browns, bacon, couscous and rice dinner. We gorge on the food and pretty much eat all of it. Then we hang out and digest. Leah is doing some crazy yoga like stretches and I try to do the same with pretty good results! The flexibility comes in handy again. 

We get sleepy before dark and I lay on the futon making a video on my phone for Twinkle and our buddies to have a good laugh. 

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