Day 6. The Descent 


Miles hiked: about 18

I slept in for once! Got up and out and hiking just after sunrise. Probably for the best, make it easier to see where I’m bushwhacking. Thankfully all the shrubs from this point on were hip height or lower! Making for much easier and less frustrating hiking. To make things even better, someone marked the “trail” with some cairins, though it was obvious where the peak was. 

I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder.

A party balloon near the summit of El Cajon. When they fly away, the end up somewhere, I often find them in bushes in the desert.

A few feet from the peak I stepped on a rock which moved and made another rock smack me right in the ankle which hurt like hell. Luckily it only hurt for a few minutes before I forgot about it. The summit was beautiful. Silent except for a cool breeze. I stayed up here enjoying the highest I’d be for the rest of the trail. The Pacific Ocean clearly visible, with some big rocky islands off shore also in the distance. 

The hike down was well marked but holy hell was it steep. The steepest marked trail I think I’ve ever been on. Glad I had my trekking poles to take the strain off my legs. I passed two older ladies in their 60’s that stank of some dank weed cruising up the mountain, then I started passing lots of folks as I neared the trailhead. Just as I reached the pit toilet and water faucet near the trailhead, I got service on my phone and a message from Jr Sr from the Pacific Crest Trail saying he was down to meet up and hang out! I forgot he lived in San Diego! Hell yea I wanna hang out with Jr Sr! So after I get done hiking today I’ll call him and he is going to swoop me up.

Very rugged and steep trail down! Is would be one hell of a day hike!

Rather eroded 

This mushroom was under the chaparral all over he area 

After the trailhead, I walked down wildcat canyon road instead of bothering jumping around through neighborhoods again. It was a pretty busy road with a small shoulder some of the time. It’s kinda interesting what things people throw out the window. Tons of mixed CDs, one says 2009 pop. Of course I kept this one. It looks dirty and scratched as hell but I really liked that year. I also came across literally hundreds of Pokémon cards. Someone had just been throwing out bags of them. I sound them strewn over several miles, with big bunches of them in spots. There was also the usual trash, tons of casino cards, booze bottles, fast food, etc. 

After wildcat, the road went into a small community with lots of horses. I walked a quarter mile off to a Circle K and got a big hotdog and a sprite. Sweet sweet sugar water. Back in the road it was a very pleasant walk past all these houses and horse fields. I wrote a blog post along the walk. The trail then goes past some industrial park and then meets highway 67. I walked along the highway up the hill for several miles. I was pretty happy to get off the highway and onto some utility road that went into the chapparal. It was easy hiking but I started feeling sketchy. These looked like roads that go to some backcountry houses. I could hear cars driving around on the roads and didn’t want to be seen so I hid behind a bush and watched. Turns out it was a construction crew working on the highway below. I walked right past them and they hardly looked up at me. I called Jr Sr for that pick up and he started heading my way. I reached a fork in the road where I could be easily picked up. I hid up the hill from an intersection and watched the people from my hiding spot for half an hour.

I hope it works! 

Spirit left my spirit animal 

Walking a few miles on the highway

Walking utility roads

Jr Sr showed up and we were off for a night off trail! He’s such a funny guy. A dog trainer, gambler and magician. Always looking for the next hustle. We first head to the YMCA where his buddy was practicing some soccer moves and we join him for a session. Ricocheting the ball and just messing around for about an hour. Then we go to have a feast at Costco. They have crazy deals at the food court and we eat huge pizza slices, hotdogs and churros. I’m so happy and fed. Next stop is Jr’s buddies bar that he’s an investor in. We get hooked up with beers and then play cards all night! I love playing cards, is a family tradition at the Berger’s. We play hold em, gin rummy and Egyptian ratscrew for hours. It’s a great time. We get tired and head back to Jr Sr’s house and hit the hay. 

Jr Sr!

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