Day 3. We Want Salad

Miles hiked: 31 miles

Total from Mexico: 85

The almost full moon made it hard to sleep last night. It was so bright against the desert rocks that you could perfectly see the colors of my gear. I had a great sense of peace and relaxation just laying in the desert moonlight, hearing some coyotes chat back and forth in the distance. Around 4 a.m. the moon finally set and the Milky Way galaxy was out in its full glory. Dillon wakes up too and we see half a dozen shooting stars in a couple minutes. 
We get up extra early to beat the heat and the sun and are hiking just before 6. The morning goes by fast as the chill from last night lingers. 

Most of the day is spent traversing vast expanses of open desert with miles and miles of nothingness in all directions. It’s a completely new experience for me. It’s both daunting and wondrous. There is no escape from the sun but lucky it has cooled off a lot today compared to the last two days. We are able to walk all day without our umbrellas even as a strong breeze blew. We leapfrogged with Moment and Griggs much of the day. Between the water caches are some cattle troughs which sometimes have water in them fed by wells. After finding a nasty one filled with insect larvae and algae we found a big tire that was well fed and had really clean and tasty water in it! 

Wild Zora bar I brought with me from home, curry turkey flavored. It was glorious. Like Indian food mated with beef jerky.

This was one of the better water sources

In the evening we walked through picturesque Wild West terrain filled with rocky hills and cows. My right hamstring is starting to hurt. Dillon says his feet are hurting bad too. Killer blisters. We talk about all the glorious food we will have in Lordsburg tomorrow. I especially am craving a salad. I didn’t get a chance to resupply well because the grocery store in town was closed so I bought a bunch of food at the nearby gas station. It’s all carbs and sugar. I need protein and nutrients! 

We get to the last water cache about 7 miles out of Lordsburg where we wanted to set up camp. But it was only 5 pm and we had hours of roasting daylight left to sit around in. We saw Radar, the guy who drove us to the border stocking the cache when we walked up. Told us about food in town. Dillon was persuaded to keep walking to Lordsburg tonight. It took very little to further convince me. We will be having salad and meat and everything tonight!!! We pop some ibuprofen, I put in my music and we charge down the trail towards town. Along the side of the road I see a big gopher snake swallowing a rabbit whole!!! Unfortunately as soon as it saw me it began regurgitating the rabbit and it went and hid in a bush, but not before I snapped some pictures of it. 

A few miles from town I finally got service on my phone and did some catching up. We hobbled into town with Kranberry’s as our target. It’s a little restaurant right across from the Econolodge where we will be staying tonight and tomorrow. We both stuff ourselves at the salad at and the I eat a French dip sandwich and onion rings. This is the bliss of thru hiking. Heightened hunger. 

I lost my sunglasses somewhere in the last few miles of the trail which makes me sad so I post on the CDT 2017 Facebook page asking if anyone found them when Big Sauce responds that he’s at the motel 6 across the street! I hiked with Big Sauce on and off on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014. We notably confused the hell out of some dirt-bikers during hike naked day north of Sierra City. He swings by our hotel room and we catch up! I had no idea he was hiking the CDT this year! To top it off Pitstop and Driver, the first people Buzz Lightyear and I met on the Appalachian Trail in 2012 are going to be here tomorrow and say hi to before they start their hike! Freaking crazy. 

Gopher snake eating a rabbit!!

Excited for a day off tomorrow to heal and resupply.

One thought on “Day 3. We Want Salad”

  1. Is the Gopher snake so named because it also eats Gophers? Or because it lives in abandoned Gopher holes? I always enjoy your posts because of your reporting of the natural sciences. Always something to learn…

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