Loveland, Ohio

Bio: I'm 27 years old and have loved being outside since I can remember. As a kid I liked catching bugs and putting them in jars, examining them, and then trying to figure out what they were by looking them up in a field guide. I was enthralled to discover something, then be able to identify it and then learn all about it. My interest in all life forms hasn't ceased. Next I became obsessed with reptiles and amphibians, then plants then birds and now fungi. The interest in one subject never waned but was added to all the other subjects since in the real world they all interact. I know a vast number of plant, animal and fungi species and love looking for them and photographing them. I also love to share my knowledge, which is the purpose of this blog! I graduated from West Virginia University in 2012 with a degree in horticulture and then promptly began thru hiking the Appalachian Trail with my friend Buzz Lightyear in June of 2012 and finished in early December. Then April of 2014 I left for the Californian/ Mexican border by myself unsure of what to expect. What I found was the most spectacular landscape imaginable and among this wilderness I met some of the most interesting, friendly and fun people there are. I am very thankful to all of you who made this journey what it was, I came into a world of wonder by myself and left with a whole crew of friends and adventurers.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sheriff Woody! Just to let you know that I just began following your blog today. I am Twinkles mom, and did a bit of backpacking in the old days (i.e.1970’s). Things are so much different now. I’m sure you knew about my health issues & I wanted to share a miracle: I am cured! With a whole life ahead of me now I will return to my backpacking roots. I’ll need more gear and due to lack of activity, will need a lot of exercise. Since I live in Michigan, I think my first hike will be solo along the Superior Trail and on to the Macinaw Bridge (far more beautiful than the Golden Gate, but doesn’t get much attention due to its remote location.) I was hiking a rather short trail a few years back and stumbled on a group of people who were all wearing vests that were covered in patches – just like Boy Scouts. The group happened to be lovers of fungi -an organized association. I also have a dear friend who finds great inspiration in fungi. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello and happy trails to you! Sue

    1. Hi Sue!
      Glad you’re feeling better! It was such a blast hiking almost all of the PCT with Twinkle. Let me know how parts of the Superior Trail are! I’m not all that far from there!

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A thru hiking addicted scientist is in love with the natural world.

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