Arizona Trail 2015

The Arizona Trail! 800 miles from the Mexican border to the Utah border, cruising through the Saguaro National Park, sky islands, and the Grand Canyon!


The Ticket is Bought!

AZT Gear List

The Food

This Southwest Ain’t That Southwest

Twenty-Five Years and My Life is Still, Trying to Get Up that Great Big Hill of Hope, for a Destination 

Getting There

Day 1: Some of Everything and Lots of Climbing

Day 2. The Arizona Weather is Confused

Day 3. Patagonia

Day 4. Chillaxin

Day 5. Get Low

Day 6. Enter the Land of Living Pillars

Day 7. A Magical Friday the 13th in Saguaro

Day 8. Epic Trail Magic

Day 9. On my own!

Day 10. The Oracle Ridge

Day 11. The Marathon Burrito

Day 12. The Taste of Death and a Recipe for Miles

Day 13. Angry at Quail

Day 14. Zero in Superior

Day 15. Lolly gagging

Day 16. Marina Magic

Day 17. Going Down the Trail Feeling Bad

Day 18. Bad Part of the Trail

Day 19. Escape From Mazatzal

Day 20. To Pine!

Day 21. Zero in Pine with a Surprise!

Day 22. Michael Hikes

Day 23. Mogollon Rim

Day 24. Cruising the Rim

Day 25. Mormon Lake

Day 26. Speed Hike into Flagstaff

Day 27. Zero With a Plan

Day 28. Fresh Prints of El Bear and Attempt to Summit Humphreys Peak

Day 29. Meteor Crater and Two Guns

Day 30. From the Mountain to the Flatlands

Day 31. Ride Like the Wind Bullseye!

Day 32. The Grand Canyon!

Day 33. Out of the Grand Canyon and Tough Decisions

Day 34. Done! Oh Arizona, it’s Been Real

4 thoughts on “Arizona Trail 2015”

  1. I don’t think we ever met on the AT, but I walked with Littlefoot for a bit, so heard a lot about you and Buzz! I was browsing the AZT website and stumbled upon your blog. Glad you’re still out having adventures!
    All the best,
    Foot (MEGA 2012)

    1. Thanks Foot! I remember Littlefoot talking about you a lot too! Yea! Still out there, the AT got me addicted to big hikes. I have the CDT coming this summer and I’m going to do a shorter hike in a few weeks in Southern California. SDTCT! Are you looking into hiking the Arizona Trail? I highly recommend it!

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