Pacific Crest Trail 2014

Starting solo at kickoff on April 25th I began my Pacific Crest Trail thru hike. I then  hiked 2660.1 miles to the Canadian border, reaching it on August 18th (116 days). I saw some of the the most incredible scenery, flora and fauna along the way. I also met and made some of the most incredible friends. Its all of you who helped keep my spirits high and made me laugh my ass off daily. The trail is more than a path across the country, its a community!


One Month Before

Meant to Wander

Food Is Stacking Up

Calories Per Dollar Spreadsheet

Everyone Dies, Not Everyone Lives

On Trail

The First Week

The Trails Angels

Flax and Chia

Parasitic Plants

Death from Above

Seeing Red… Or Not

Meth in the Mojave

Cacti Flowers

Getting Busy

You Know Your Thru Hiker When…

Reptiles and Amphibians of the PCT


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A thru hiking addicted scientist is in love with the natural world.

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